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Turn your webinar recordings into professional audio and video highlights in an instant.

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Drive revenue from your webinar recordings

Turn your webinar recordings into drivers for your marketing and sales teams by converting them into highlight assets.

  • Create professional assets in minutes

    Repurposing webinar recordings can be incredibly time consuming. Milk can help you create professional assets with minimal effort - so you can focus on promotion.

  • Drive traffic & leads

    Straight after your webinar, post your highlights to social media to drive visibility of the best moments.

  • Book more meetings with content your prospects will watch

    Add highlights to your followup sales cadences, instead of sending a long-recording that will go un-watched.

“Working with the Milk team was an incredibly easy process. We had a major announcement & they transformed it into a professional video that we were proud to share across our networks.

I can't recommend them enough for transcription and editing, and really appreciated their expertise throughout the whole process.”

Raleigh Norris
Content Marketing Manager

What you get

With Milk, your webinar recording turns into professional marketing assets that your company can be proud to promote.

  • Professional templates

    Add another layer of quality on top of your video cuts with templates made specifically for virtual event recordings.

  • Unique Audiograms

    Create unique audiograms from your webinar recordings to diversify your content.

  • Instant and easy transcripts

    Transcripts are automatically generated and editing is as simple as updating a Google Doc.

  • Formatted for all platforms

    Video highlights will be resized to allow you to promote across top channels, such as Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram..

Simple pricing

If you're not satisfied, contact us for a full refund.

Webinar highlight video

Just upload your video, and we turn your webinar into a cleaned-up highlight video. The video will be ready to use as a valuable marketing asset.

What's included

  • Accurate human-readable captions

  • Removing fill words

  • Professionally edited video

  • Brand aligned visuals

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